“Shopé Makes His Undoubtable Star Quality Known With New Single, “I Admit It”

With his internationally crafted sound, Toronto-based Shopé is bringing a unique energy to the global musicscape. The 2019 CBC Searchlight winner was originally born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, but later immigrated with his family to Toronto at the age of 11.

No stranger to the classic immigrant struggle, the Nigerian-Canadian’s personal and musical narratives weave a tale of poverty, determination, love, and faith. Shopé’s unique sound skillfully blends elements of Nigerian Afrobeats, with North American Hip Hop/R&B.

The product, aptly called Afrofusion, is an infection mix of equal parts rhythm & melody that is honest, and vulnerable, yet bold and confident. As he masterfully bridges western & African cultures, Shopé continues to win global fans, to the tune of almost 4M+ streams and 60,000 social media followers. In 2019, he was selected to participate in the prestigious Allan Slaight JUNO Masterclass.

In the same year, he also completed a coveted weeklong artist-in-residency program at the National Music Centre in Studio Bell. Shopé’s performance credits span premier festivals like CBC Music Festival, SXSW, CMW, showcasing alongside acts like; Tory Lanez, Jazz Cartier, Tyler Shaw, and Lecrae, just to name a few.

To talk of the new single, “I Admit It” is about realizing what’s most important. Better stated, it’s about realizing who’s most important – our loved ones! Conceptually, the song is from the perspective of a long-time noncommittal partner who has finally had an epiphany.

He finally realizes what (or rather who) is most important in his life and has finally decided to focus his love exclusively on the person who’s always been there for him. The person who he’s prior to, taken for granted. Shopé says,

“I’m home a lot more these days and getting to see things I normally don’t get to see. I’ve also been forced to remind myself of very important things that are easy to forget when you’re surrounded by stuff…by opportunities. But the silence is helping to clarify some things for me. I imagine that the increased time we’re all having with family and loved ones is causing many of us to have similar reminders.”

On this single, Afrobeats and R&B/Soul come to play, and they play well together. Lush sounds, a resounding bassline, a poignant pen and an emotive vocal execution, continue to solidify Shopé as an undoubtable star in the Afrofusion space.

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