sauti sol Midnight Train Virtual Experience

Sauti Sol Makes History With Their Midnight Train Virtual Experience

Kenyan’s boys pop band Sauti Sol gave its a night to remember with a virtual concert on 22 August 2020 in which history was re-written.

The Midnight Train virtual experience album launch lived up to expectations with live viewers peaking at more than 30000 and making it the most-viewed YouTube premiere by a local artist.

The previous record was held by Nyashinski’s widely-publicized virtual album launch in May that saw more than 15000 live views on You Tube and another 8000 tuning in on Instagram.

12 hours later, the Sauti Sol-Midnight train virtual experience had more than 210000 views.

As expected, the band brought the roof down, belting their finest tunes and leaving no doubt that they are one of Africa’s finest.

The event saw Sol generation artists take to the stage in an electrifying 91-minute performance in which viewers had the best experience of a virtual concert going by the reactions.

Sol Generation’s Bensoul and Nviiri The Storyteller did not disappoint when they took to the stage, serving their fans the best of their talent.

The virtual concert also featured Xenia Manasseh, Lisa Oduor-Noah and Okello Max who have been working with the talented Sauti Sol band.

The highlight of the night was when they all teamed up to perform the hit single off the Midnight Train Album, Rhumba Japani.


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