Rapper Gigi Lamayne To Host New Show On Soweto TV

Talk about setting life goals! Rapper Gigi Lamayne is not about to let her skills as a drama student go to waste as she ventures into the world of presenting to expand her brand.

Set to make her debut on April 1 on Soweto TV (DStv channel 251), the Fufa hitmaker is in a celebratory mood over hosting her first official show, a hair-themed series called Hair Jury.

The show is centred around celebrating and commemorating black people’s hair.

“I was a very strong drama student in high school, so I mean that’s a place I’ve always wanted to play in. It’s crazy how that particular role is what I’m interested in, such as hair politics and so on.”

Gigi explained how the presenting gig came at last year’s South African Music Awards (Samas), where she met the founder of the African Hair Awards. 

“The African Hair Awards people approached me. They had initially met me at last year’s South African Music Awards and we got on like a house on fire. We did a bit of a review on my hair that night. We basically spoke about hair.

“One of the founders came up to me as said, ‘Look, this is a project we are working on and we thought that you’d be perfect for that. We don’t want someone who’ll read a script, we want somebody who’ll understand what they’re reading and someone who’ll find it interesting.'”

Gigi added that the series was an “amazing” concept that will see her and a judging panel discuss everything black hair. 

Asked whether the show would be affected by the upcoming national lockdown over Covid-19, Gigi said: “We carried on shooting during the outbreak … we’ve got a lot done already. So I don’t think we’d be affected by it because we’ve got a very strong independent production company.”  

Gigi said presenting won’t be too hard to balance with her music career.

“I don’t say presenting should be looked at as some sort of job or a way to get by. It’s something I genuinely enjoy, so it’s not really about me juggling anything. It’s just me doing two different things that I like.”


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