Noti Flow Confirms Ex-Boyfriend Mustapha is Gay

Kenyan rapper Noti Flow confirmed Colonel Mustapha’s sexual status on her instagram story stating that “You guys @trapkingcrome was right. Mustafa is gay and he lives with his boyfriend in Utawala! Fake ass Muslim“.

Interestingly, Noti Flow few weeks ago issued a statement defending Mustapha, saying the rumour of him being gay was ridiculous and absurd.
She stated, ““Before you tarnish someone’s name & try to ruin their reputation, think of ‘ wat if ‘ the same was being done to you . It’s disgusting how people can stoop so low just for clout 🤮 The bullshit y’all are spreading about him are extremely ridiculous & hideous. Despicable 🤦🏽‍♀️ Shame on y’all lowlives . Karma will catch up soonest,” reads part of the post.

Moreover, chats were leaked from their instagram dms where she spoke about the facts that she has been paying Mustapha’s bills and also he having a smaller penis…

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