Nelson Makamo Blue Art Exhibition

Nelson Makamo Opens His First Dream Solo Art Exhibition In Los Angeles Dubbed “Blue”

Renowned South African visual artist Nelson Makamo launches his first independent US solo art exhibition, “Blue,” to showcase his latest body of work in Los Angeles.

Makomo brings together an all-female group of black professionals to curate this show. The show will be running from October 7th to November 20th.

It was the diversity in the contemporary art landscape in inner-city Los Angeles that prompted Makomo and his team to select this location.

Makomo says this exhibition has been in production since 2017.

“Finally my own independent international show here in LA, it actually feels great,” said the award-winning artist.

“When the team and I initially started the conversation about this show back in 2017, we didn’t realise the hard work and commitment that would go into it.

“And what a journey it’s been! Having just successfully opened this past weekend made it all worth it for us.”

On the inspiration behind the exhibition, the 39-year-old artist said: “With the latest piece of work, ‘Blue’, we don’t only want to share our story, but invite people to the exhibition to be a part of the conversation.

“As much as I live on the African continent, I don’t want my work to only have a frame of where I live in South Africa.

“I want my work to resonate with people from all walks of life, from different races and backgrounds, the global community at large.

“It’s about connecting artists on a global platform through this exhibition.

“And like all my previous work, the underlying theme of this exhibition is about hope.”

With a career spanning over a decade, the Limpopo-born artist’s work has been featured in group and solo exhibitions in South Africa, France, Italy, America, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Amsterdam and Scotland.

His most notable group exhibition was alongside established South African artists in “Ten Years of Printmaking: David Krut Print Studio in 2006”. Invited artists included David Koloane, Colbert Mashile, Deborah Bell and William Kentridge.

His current exhibition is open to the public until November 20.

To visit the show, sign-up here.

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