Nameless Wahu N-Zone Clothing Line

Nameless And Wahu Launched Their Own Clothing Line “N-Zone”

Kenyan pop artist Nameless and his wife Wahu Kagwi have launched their own clothing line some few days ago.

The couple made the announcement on their Instagram handles and also started a challenge for Kenyans to participate in.

According to product shoots, the new brand N-Zone makes bomber and tracksuits as well as hoodies.

In a caption on instagram, Nameless expresses excitement as he announces the launch of the clothing line. He says, “Yoooooo! Fam I am excited about this new Chapter💯💯💯!!! …Welcome to the N-zone. Follow the @the_nzone and join ur journey of self-growth and fashion… Will tell you more about it.. for now😊. What do you think BE LESS LIMITED means?

The Megarider hitmaker also explained that the new venture will allow share my other passions in fashion design, psychology and philosophy. Apart from being a musician, Nameless is also an accomplished architect.

Being less limited is not restricting oneself to limits that exist or have been put in place by circumstances…it’s looking beyond the limits and working towards greater things”.

Nameless also said that the jackets are not yet available for sale but would be introduced to the market soon.

The couple has also started a reality TV show called This Love which airs on Show Max to document their relationship of over 20 years as well as their ups and downs in marriage for the past 15 years.

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