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Mo Abudu’s EbonyLife Studios Partners Sony Pictures Television To Start A Writer’s Initiative Dubbed “ÀLÓ”

EbonyLife Studios and Sony Pictures Television have today announced “ÀLÓ“, a brand-new writers initiative offering a unique platform for writers of African heritage.

The word “ÀLÓ” is from the Yoruba language and translates as ‘once upon a time’. Just as those words have opened countless stories for hundreds of years, this is the beginning of an exciting journey to discover the best authentic African story ideas which will inspire and resonate with viewers across the globe.

“I am really excited about our growing partnership with Sony Pictures Television; from our deal for three scripted series, to our first-look agreement, and now the ÀLÓ Writers’ Initiative. The name of this initiative inspires me, as we chose a word which holds so much personal meaning for me” Mo Abudu exclaims.

The initiative is in line with the continent-wide vision to harness and grow creative economy. It is focused on global storytelling that is authentically African and that gives African writers access to the BIGGEST INTERNATIONAL BROADCASTERS in the world.

“It is a dream come true for me that we continue to build out this ecosystem for ALL that require and deserve opportunity and access” Mo Abudu says.

Full terms and conditions and eligibility criteria can be found on the ÀLÓ Initiative website.

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