Miss Supranational South Africa Transforms The “African Warrior Princess” Into A National Costume

Thato Mosehle looks as fierce and powerful as a superhero in the national costume she’ll be wearing when she competes in the Miss Supranational South Africa pageant later this month.

The creator of this unique ensemble, Sello Medupe of Scalo, was inspired by the idea of presenting Mosehle to the world as an “African warrior princess” and incorporated elements of her Sotho heritage into the design.

This is in line with the brief that was given by the organisers of the Miss Supranational pageant, explains Werner Wessels, creative director of Miss SA.

“They requested a national costume that has personal significance to the contestant,” he says.

Thato Mosehle, who was the first runner-up of the 2020 Miss South Africa pageant, is a medical doctor who has been fighting on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As such, says Wessels, they wanted her outfit to “show how she sees not only herself but all of her colleagues — as warriors!”

Her national costume includes a traditional Sotho blanket (seanamarena), which Wessels says was chosen to “symbolise the comfort, warmth and pride Mosehle feels for her people”.

When the Miss Supranational kicks off on August 20, Mosehle will vie with beauty queens from 80 countries for the crown. Should she win, she’ll make history as the first South African to wear it.

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