K Buzz HennyTing Goes Zlatan

K Buzz Is Creating A Blueprint With His New Single HennyTing Goes Featuring Zlatan

A buzz K Buzz is out with another great single HennyTing Goes featuring the Nigerian artist Zlatan. HennyTing Goes talks about unity as he made mention of different food from different African countries and settles with any. The stands out for its kaleidoscope production of textures and techniques.

K Buzz is a British-born Nigerian rapper, singer and poet from North London. Known for his distinctively international flow and rich multicultural references, K Buzz’s sound is a dynamic, high- energy fusion of afrobeats, hip-hop, R&B and dancehall.

He got major recognition after his first single Gbedu earlier this year and he is not slowing down in this music race.

Projecting soulful values around love and integrity, K Buzz draws creative inspiration from his Nigerian roots. He also gives credit where credit is due, praising the passion, precision and strive for perfection in legendary artists like Michael Jackson, Fela Kuti and Bob Marley – as well as Tupac, Biggie, Big Pun, Jay Z and Nas – for helping shape the artist he is today.

K Buzz describes making music as his comfort zone, as that’s when he feels most fulfilled: “For me, fusing genres is like creating magic. I love producing something nobody’s ever done before, adding my own personal touch, and releasing it into the world. It’s an amazing feeling. As a fusion artist, I bring different creative elements into all my music to captivate people. I’ll always give my listeners heartfelt music” he says.

In 2020, the rising indie artist is set to make global waves and create blueprints starting with his upcoming EP ‘Afro Love’ dropping later this year.

Listen To HennyTing Goes Below:

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