Juice Wrld Dies At 21

Juice WRLD, rising superstar died this morning after suffering a seizure at Chicago’s Midway airport.

Jarad Anthony Higgins Juice Wrld was returning home to Chicago from California and according to witnesses, the rapper got off the plane then had a seizure while walking through the airport. Emergency personnels rushed Juice to the hospital where he was pronounced dead a few moments after arriving at the facility. The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed the rapper’s death to WGN and The New York Times. At this point, Juice WRLD’s cause of death is still unknown. He turned 21 years old on Dec. 2. 

Like a lot of fallen artists, Juice WRLD foreshadowed his death with his lyrics. In the song, “Legends,” he pays tribute to Lil Peep and XXXTENTACION. He also put a number on his potential demise. 

“What’s the 27 Clu-u-u-ub?” Juice sings. “We ain’t making it past 21.”

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