John Cena Suprises Sho Madjozi

The Tsonga rapper, Sho Madjozi Was on The Kelly Clarkson Show last week and got an unexpected surprise of her life.

The South African singer and rapper Sho Madjozi was a guest on the Kelly Clarkson Show, Kelly asked the pop singer if she had ever met John Cena and she said no but she would love to.

WWE champion John Cena posted her on his Instagram even though he didn’t caption nor mention her, she was still excited about it because he has always been her favourite WWE Wrestler since childhood. She even went further to say she grew up watching him since there was only one television in her nieghbourhood and WWE show was one out of the only two shows she watched growing up.

She performs her viral tune “John Cena” and to her huge surprise, the American professional wrestler comes onto the stage with her.

Watch her incredible reaction below:

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