Huddah Monroe Shows Interest In Politics

Kenyan model and business woman Huddah Monroe has expressed interest in joining the race for Women Representative Seat In Nairobi.

I wanted to be a politician so bad lol! First female president of Kenya But to be honest. I’d rather buy an island and disappear” she said on her instagram post.

She further shared on Instagram page seeking for support from other politicians. She wrote, “Nani atanishika mkono ? Ama nipigie Baba Magoti? Sijui nililie Sonko? Ama nilambez Mr Kenyatta ? Nikona maswali! Lakini cha muhimu ni nyinyi wazalendo . Mnishikilie, niwashikilie! Tushikamane!” which translates, “Who will support me? Should I call Father Magoti? I don’t know how I cried Sonko? What about Mr Kenyatta? I missed the questions! But most importantly you are patriots. Hold on to me, hold on to them! Let’s stick together!”

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