Ghanaian Short Film, Sue Saeed Competes With 98 Others For The First-Time Filmmakers Session

For most independent filmmakers, recognition is a springboard to achieving career defining milestones in the filmmaking industries of their respective countries of operation. The story of Ghanaian filmmaker, Zadok Donkor-Yeboah who recently teamed up with colleagues who share his passion to shoot his maiden film titled, “Sue Saeed” is one that definitely calls for some recognition.

After finally shooting in 2019, Mr. Donkor-Yeboah and his colleagues had to endure quite a lot of challenges to breathe life into this exasperating story centered on effeminacy in men and how stigmatization and unnecessary prejudice coerces victims into contemplating suicide. Basically, “Sue Saeed” is a film that echoes with its chest the message, “Suicide is never an option”.

It’s April 2020, and the film “Sue Saeed” has attracted its maiden official selection from the First-Time Filmmaker Sessions April 2020 organized by the Lift-Off Global Network, competing at number 36 as the only film selected from Africa. The festival is now live to the public and accepting votes.

All film lovers interested in supporting these Ghanaian filmmakers are invited to pay up and vote for just $10 or Ghs57 for access to all 99 films.

To vote, please follow the link and after successful payment of the rental fee, write VOTED in the comments section, followed by the names of your two favorite films as modeled below;



2. Your second favorite film from the list

Next, follow this second link to complete the voting process.

Please be advised that all votes with only one selection or the same film twice will be counted INVALID.

Voting will end at 10pm (BST) on Sunday, 3rd May.

The top five films from each of the 5 programmes of the social round will be rated by Lift-Off’s official judges who will go further in-depth and score the films based on multiple aspects. The film with the highest overall score wins an official selection for a live screening later this year at Pinewood Studios and Raleigh Studios, Hollywood.

The entire staff at Fused Africa is quite excited about this young creative team comprising Joseph Kwame Aboah (Producer), Zadok Donkor-Yeboah (Director), Maurice Divine Boye (Head Writer), Ama Otoo (Co-writer), Michael Kwame Boadi (Cinematographer), Ebenezer Owusu (Continuity), Kelvin Boahen (Production Manager),  and the entire crew and cast including James Kwayisi (Lead Actor) and Helaria Wemeye Dalu (Lead Actress).

Follow the film’s progress on Instagram @sue_saeed.

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