“Feminism makes many men feel so vulnerable” Says Singer Simi

Nigeria Singer Simi gave us a fair idea of what she thinks about the topic feminism and how vulnerable it has caused men.

“Feminism makes many men feel so vulnerable, because you find that society that gave you your “superiority card” is starting to know (and want) better for women – and you donno wtf to do. Lol Gag is, if you support us, life is better for everyone. Don’t be afraid” as she said on twitter.

She went ahead to explain why women have always wanted to be like men when a fan replied her tweet.

She said, “The only reason women have probably ever wanted to be men is – the privileges men have enjoyed. Besides that, why will any woman want to be a man? And now we want to share those privileges across genders equally. We’re different with diff strengths/weaknesses, but of equal value”.

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