Ay Poyoo Michael Blackson Snoop Dogg

Ay Poyoo Goes Global As He Gains Recognition From Michael Blackson And Snoop Dogg

The fast growing viral social media sensation and rapper Ay Poyoo is breaking the rules and changing the game as he gains recognition from American Rapper Snoop Dogg and Actor Michael Blackson.

The 20-year-old rapper and self acclaimed face of GH Rap AY Poyoo has recently claimed of being the GOAT in his viral Video “Goat” and has caught the attention of Ghanaian Hollywood actor Michael Blackson.

The Two jumped on an instagram live session yesterday and Snoop Dogg was thrilled to see the young rapper on the live session. He commented “I’m Da ๐Ÿ . Bah“.

Recently, a video popped up on the internet where a guy claims he’s rather a cow and will never ever be a goat because a cow is big and goat is small.

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