avit vibe why hate me

Avit Makes Soulful Rhythms For Vibe And Why Hate Me

Avit’s breakout tracks, Vibe and Why Hate Me isn’t exactly what you would think of when you think of a good music.

avit vibe why hate me

There’s no hashtagged challenge to go along with it and no big name feature attached to it. The song is a different sort of rhythm, a world-weary ballad that connects because of its urgency and message.

His first single “Why Hate Me”, produced by Kuvie talks about the struggles of the black man from time past till present day and calls for the unity of the black man. This comes at a point when the entire world is witnessing a revolution of the black man against his racist oppressors and systems.

avit vibe why hate me

He strikes a good balance between sweet melodies and “true talk” relatable lyrics as evident in his latest single “Vibe’’.

Avit, full name Avitiduen Abisa, hails from Wiaga in the Upper East Region of Ghana. His music inclination is birthed from a collection of various sounds over various genres from country, reggae, dancehall, Afro beats, gospel, Hip Hop and R&B as he would jump to the chance to listen to
anything playable.

Listen Now:


Why Hate Me

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