ama karin na you be the koko

Ama Karin Turned ‘Sexy’ Into A State Of Mind With Her New Music ‘Na You Be The Koko”

An emerging star with international roots and global appeal, Ama Ka’rin is quickly capturing the attention of the music world with her dynamic blend of Afro-pop, reggae, and R&B.

She was born to Ghanaian parents in Amsterdam and is currently residing in Atlanta, giving her a truly multicultural perspective unlike anyone else in the music world. Free spirited and mysteriously seductive, she is carving out her own path as she establishes herself as a fascinating and inventive artist.

Ama first emerged onto the scene with her 2018 single ‘Liar Liar.’ With
propulsive, African inspired rhythms and bold vocal stylings, it offered a glimpse of the talents that would later come to define her career.

She caught the attention of super producer Brett Alexzandier, leading to a four song collaboration that gave her profile a significant boost. Ama spent the next year diving deeper into her musical influences and finding her true identity as a musician.

She returned in 2019 with the suggestively titled ‘Cum Over,’ which demonstrated her evolution into a confident singer who is unafraid of tackling taboo subject matter. While her melodic talents remained the main attraction, her taste in production had clearly grown as well, as the hypnotic, tropical rhythms of the song gave her a shimmering pop sound with mass appeal.

In 2020, Ama reemerged to show off another side of her with the hip hop
influenced ‘Money Money Money.’ An experimental track built around an
inventive trap beat, the capitalist anthem celebrated her individuality and
independence and was quickly embraced by her ever growing fanbase.

Ama has just released her best single yet, ‘Na You Be the Koko’. She describes the song as being about “staying unbothered while the world is turning upside down.” The accompanying video, which she recorded by herself during quarantine, was released in April 2020 and has already been streamed tens of thousands of times. A quick scroll through the comments section proves that Ama has won the respect and affection of innumerable music fans.

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