#AfricanXpress E02 | Wanlov Talks About Red Card, Politics, LGBTQIA And Blue Card

It’s the second episode of AfricanXpress and we had the chance to ask our guest Wanlov The Kubolor about his album Red Card, Polictics, LGBT and Religion.

Red Card was produced because of the disappointment of the Ghanaian Government and the whole concept is centered around the “death of the officials.”

He broke down a couple of songs from his album, like PPP where he gave hints to shoot official video for PPP in a real shrine in Ghana.

He further went on to touch on the current political face of Ghana, where he spoke about the poor governance from our leaders. He also highlighted on the Buses which were hoarded and recently given out through out every constituency.

Wanlov for some time now has had mad support for the LGBT community and he shares his views on that topic.

Lastly he told us about an R-Rated film he’s working on, a semi-pornographic film which will address sexuality.

Watch Interview:

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