Shatta Wale once again makes Ghana proud.

The Shatta movement boss is currently shooting a video for the song already with American singer Beyonce.

In photos going viral on social media, it seems the singer together with Beyonce is on set while chilling with his Shatta movement squad.

Dancegodlyod seems to be also on set

The song, which went viral all over Africa is part of the tracks on Beyoncé lion king album released in 2019. Shatta Wale was the only Ghanaian artist who happened to be on the album.

We all knew the song is special, but it continues to exceed our expectation. A major breakthrough, it comes years after Ghanaians tagged him as a local champion making him unable to attract foreign stars.

Beyonce brings years of mainstream experience and exposure to this video that will help push Shatta wale’s brand to another level. Shatta Wale will stop at nothing to get his game up with consistent releases of back to back hitz.

shatta wale is truly a king.

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