Asantewaa, The First Real African Legend Comic Book + Video Game

Asantewaa-Battle For The Golden Stool” is the very first Ghanaian/African superhero featured character in a comic book and video game. The creators of this wonderful piece are geared towards the culture and and ancestral memories of Africa and ro show the world there are real life superheroes people don’t know about yet.

When we think of superheroes, we usually see them as people dressed in costumes who have the ability either fly, breath fire, punch through brick walls or even shoot webs.

However, there are individuals who do not have of these special abilities but have done great things and these are the real heroes. These are our heroes, particularly African heroes and our motherland Ghana has seen the existence of many super heroes. The problem however is our failure to acknowledge these great men and women as the heroes.

Instead, we have warmly embraced the fictional heroes created for us in movies and in books. “Heroes of the Past” is a project aimed at presenting the great Ghanaian men and women who have contributed to the Ghana’s history to the world in a modern and exciting way.

“Asantewaa- battle for the Golden Stool” is a modern retell of the story of the great Yaa Asantewaa, who exhibited pure bravery when she led the Ashanti Kingdom against British Colonialism in 1900. She led her people to fight the British to protect the Golden stool which was and still remains  the symbol and pride of the Ashanti  Kingdom. 

Yaa  Asantewaa is the reason why the Ashantis still take pride in the Golden stool. This project gives you the opportunity to relive these great historical moments as it provides interesting dialogue and graphic representation of events.

What a better way to learn about the history of our great nation than through the eye of an artist. It presents relatable characters which would make everyone especially children easily fall in love with our past Ghanaian heroes.

How cool would it be if our children would prefer to have Ghanaian/African hero themed parties instead of a Spiderman or ironman theme party. Technology is the sure way to achieve this.

These are some of the characters that will be featured in the comic and game;


Yaa Asantewaa, the Protagonist in the story, the Queen mother of Ejisu. She is strong, brave and fearless. Within her lies a burning desire and will to defend her land and people. 

Prempeh I

He is the King of Ejisu. He was captured and sent on exile by the British in an attempt to loot his kingdom



He is the British Governor who desire to retain power in the Gold Coast for a long time. In his quest to rule over the Ashanti Kingdom which was the powerful kingdom of the Gold Coast, he demands to sit the on Golden Stool.

asaase yaa


Goddess of the earth and an Ancestor of the people of the Ashanti kingdom. She owns and controls the Land.

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