American Rapper T.I. Talks About How Nasty C Reminds Him Of Himself

Award-winning American rapper T.I. is a huge fan of South Africa’s Nasty C and he isn’t afraid to say it. In fact T.I. stans Nasty C so hard he feels that the “There They Go” hitmaker reminds him of himself.

The pair recently teamed up for a collaboration, “They Don’t”, where T.I. addressed police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement. The song has been the talk of the town on the hip hop streets.

In a recent interview with Samira Kaelin at the Midem Music Festival, T.I. spoke on how it came about. T.I. said he was in South Africa shooting a movie when he decided to immerse himself in the local culture, as he does on overseas trips and one name kept popping up. “We kept hearing his name (Nasty C), we kept hearing his music. I didn’t know much about him. I hadn’t heard about him and I started wondering Yo, this kid is dope. He reminds me of me a little bit. Why haven’t I heard of him?”.

The “Live Your Life” star said he reached out to Nasty C and told him that he thought he was dope. They DM’d each other and Nasty sent him a song to jump on which he said he was glad to do. T.I. also said that they made plans to make more music in the future. Nasty C said that the whole experience has been unreal. “When I got that DM I literally had to step outside and get some air and I called everyone and told them what was happening”, he said.

Watch the full interview below:

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