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Alex Adjei Responds To Abuse Claims By Scilla Owusu

The Ghanaian UK based video director and CEO of PressPlay Alex Adjei was recently accused of sexual harassment by Scilla Owusu who used to work with Alex. According to her claims, Alex sexually harassed her by slapping her bum.

Alex Responded to these allegations by posting a couple of notes on his twitter stating and debunking all claims to what Scilla Owusu said.


Fused Africa had the chance to interact with Alex Adjei and Alex vividly gave us a full story of what happened.

He narrated, “I met Scilla few years ago, she wanted to be a video director like myself and i decided to help her because she’s a female Ghanaian trying to move up in the world so it made sense to help a sister out. We started working, we became good friends because of how we related and clicked on set. We used to stay up late on the phone till around 1am 2am working on concepts and ideas for various videos. The said accusation happened when we were on set shooting a video. During a quick break, I tapped her bum playfully as i passed to get by just because of the kind of friendship we held. I mean Scilla Owusu can not deny that we had a playful, flirty and mature friendship, full of banter. When I tapped her bum, she just turned and smiled, didn’t show any sign of dislike so i didn’t think anything of it. We wrapped up and i dropped her home. Once again she didn’t mention anything about it on the journey, We continued our conversations as we usually did. Next day i tried reaching out to her to complete the project, she never answered, I tried for a couple of days after and it was still the same. So obviously i was concerned and wondering what could be wrong. I tried texting and all that but she kept ignoring. So it just hit me and i asked her, “was it because i tapped your bum?” That was when she called back and admitted it was the reason she was ignoring because she felt pretty much uncomfortable. So i was like “i didn’t tap your ass sexually but playfully, but if you weren’t cool, you could have told me there and then that you didn’t like it so it shouldn’t happen again; then i know that’s it”. So i apologised and she accepted and that was it… So i thought. Straight after, she blocked me on all the social media apps, then went behind my back and poached my clients that we had been planning videos for. I didn’t say anything, I just let it slide. So my question is, why would you come out after two year of this whole bum tapping issue and post it on Social media when we spoke about this, I apologised and i thought you were cool because i told you my intention wasn’t sexual. Is it because she’s doing it for clouts or trying to destroy my name?” I also think Scilla could have approached this whole situation better and teach these young girls (who look up to her) on how to deal with similar situations. Instead of trying to boost her career with the pity route.

This was what Alex Adjei disclosed and had to say about the whole issue and thinks the public should know about it.

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