About Us

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Our Approach

Fused Africa is an African Entertainment Online portal bringing together entertainment from across the continent of Africa.

Entertainment is one of the world's leading contributor to revenues. And due to it's rising nature in Africa, we are glad to bring entertainment to the forecourts of everybody.

Our Story

Started in Ghana as 411gh.com in 2012, where it was all about entertainment news and event organization in Ghana. But as entertainment grew bigger, our team decided we take on a challenge to go beyond Ghana and take on African Entertainment at large.

Meet the Team

A group of controversial and creative friends who have entertainment progression at heart.

Celebrity blogger, Music critic and an Event Organizer bent on changing the face of entertainment in Africa.

Video Director, Art and Creative enthusiastic. Co-Founder of Esse Studios

Management Consultant and Financial Controller. Co-founder of Accra Angles Network

Photo and Motion graphics, CEO Dromotion

Edit, Graphics, Creator

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